Our Story

CONNIE & Wolfgang

We are architects and designers who create seamless transitions for indoor/outdoor living.

Growing up as the son of a builder, Wolfgang was immersed in the world of construction, surrounded by concrete, steel, and construction machinery. With a foundation laid by his family, he established his first company, an architectural studio, right after graduating in architecture. Over the course of his career, he developed a passion for interior architecture, furniture, and product design. As the boundaries of design blurred, he embarked on a quest for a comprehensive approach that embraced everything related to living and housing, including landscape architecture—a holistic perspective. Wolfgang successfully executed numerous architectural and interior design projects spanning residential and commercial sectors.

In 2002 we founded the outdoor furniture brand VITEO. Everything started with a single table made of wood and stainless steel that Wolfgang designed for our own patio. Within only a few years VITEO became a well-known outdoor specialist company that was operating globally. The brand promoted a new way of outdoor living which became cozier and more glamorous and had a far more enjoyable utility. Wolfgang simultaneously worked on his architectural projects and designed whole collections for the furniture brand that went viral.

Since 2019, we’ve been crafting distinctive spaces in the Californian desert, where diverse lifestyles coexist—from resort living to untamed landscapes. Embracing the desert vibe, we simplify life to the essentials, focusing on architecture that complements the challenging climate and natural surroundings. Built with minimal boundaries, our projects reflect our lifestyle, expertise, and European heritage. Striving for architectural and emotional balance, our houses embody quality, function, and comfort. We remain passionate about our work, eagerly anticipating each new adventure.

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