Casa Codita

Project Year: 2020
Location: Yucca Valley/ Mojave Desert

The 1980s villa in Yucca Valley was transformed into a colorful and stylish desert getaway. We were inspired by both Mediterranean and Californian architecture and lifestyles and incorporated the elements of nature – water, air, earth, and fire – into the concept. You’ll find the four elements embedded into the interiors and the exteriors alike. 

Each of the 4 bedrooms was assigned a different color in alignment with an element. Mediterranean colors echo those of the sky, the soil as well as the native flora as you gaze through the windows and sliding doors. Yellow, green, rust, and blue accent walls, together with layered textures, fluffy rugs, and stylish art, evoke the feeling of cozy hideaways.  

Full of great natural light, big window openings and a lot of patio spaces, the house elicits the feeling that the lines between indoor and outdoor are blurring. A warm and airy interior design merges with a fantastic, endless view of what awaits you outside. The common space is large and characterized by an open floor plan. It still feels welcoming and friendly with plenty of room to spend time together or apart. The huge, modern kitchen offers all conveniences, and the cozy living room provides a fireplace, a TV-screen and of course a fantastic view. 

The backyard is shaped by a huge ‘catwalk’ in the middle of boulders and bushes. It is a perfect contrast to the landscape surrounding it. The focal feature is a sleek concrete pool with an integrated hot tub for 8 people. The 156-feet concrete strip provides plenty of space for swimming, soaking, cooking, eating, drinking, relaxing, sitting, laying, and mediating

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