Our Story

CONNIE & Wolfgang

We are architects and designers who create seamless transitions for indoor/outdoor living.

Being the son of a builder, Wolfgang grew up with concrete and steel, earthworks machines and construction trucks. From early childhood his family taught him the basics of running a construction company. He founded his first company, an architectural studio, right after his graduation in architecture. During his career, he also discovered a new passion for interior architecture, furniture, and product design. The lines of design started to blur, and he went on a quest for the big picture, which would embrace everything connected to living and housing, including landscape architecture – this he saw as a holistic approach. He implemented numerous architectural and interior design projects in different sectors, from residential living to commercial venues.

In 2002 we founded the outdoor furniture brand VITEO. Everything started with a single table made of wood and stainless steel that Wolfgang designed for our own patio. Within only a few years VITEO became a well-known outdoor specialist company that was operating globally. The brand promoted a new way of outdoor living which became cozier and more glamorous and had a far more enjoyable utility. Wolfgang simultaneously worked on his architectural projects and designed whole collections for the furniture brand that went viral.

Since 2019 we design unique spaces in the Californian desert. It offers so many kinds of lifestyles, from resort living and green gardens, to wild, rugged landscapes with boulders and strange plant life. We love the desert vibe because it reduces life to the essential and fades out a lot. Hence, we focus on architecture and design that makes sense in the challenging climate and the natural features surrounding our projects. We build with nature and around nature with as little boundaries as possible. Our houses are always a combination of our lifestyle, expertise, and personality. You will aways find traces of our heritage, which is our European background, because there are a lot of things that we as Europeans are good at. And we are proud of that. Architectural and emotional balance is our highest goal. Quality, function, and comfort is a given that we cannot do without. We still love what we are doing and look forward to every new adventure.

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