Wolfgang Pichler



I am an architect. My work represents the manifestation of my ideas of a three-dimensional topic within a self-defined system of values. Shortly, I create beautiful things.

I am a designer. Being an advocate of good taste, authenticity and cross-sector creation, my designs always seek for the true identity of a product. Hence, I reflect which forms perfectly match my ideas.

I am a converter. I tend to push materials to their limits and very often create extremely delicate shapes. I give my ideas unique looks.

I am a visionary. In architecture as well as in product design, my designs are characterized by pureness and reduction to the essential as well as the uncompromising implementation of design in the world I live and work in. I am all in one.

I am Wolfgang Pichler Design.




From early childhood on the topics of building and architecture have defined my life, as I grew up between concrete and steel, earthworks and construction vehicles. My family taught me the basics of constructing, planning and running a company – admittedly, not always to my delight but with vision and every emphasis. After finishing my studies of architecture at Technical University of Graz (Austria), I found my first company and together with a group of committed like-minded partners I worked on different projects like restoring existing buildings, doing interior design and taking part in architectural competitions. Two years later I expanded my portfolio and founded a studio for architecture, design and construction. During that time I implemented many projects of reconstruction and refurbishment, created interior design concepts and constructed new facilities, mainly in the field of residential and commercial buildings.

What I had been implanted since I was a child, was continuously condensing and developing into new directions. In the course of my first professional years I cut my teeth, for sure paid my dues and shed sweat and blood. Still, I detected a new passion for interior architecture, furniture and product design and also landscape architecture. For me the boundaries started to blur and I went on a quest for the big picture, which would embrace everything connected to living and housing. Consequently, I created the outdoor furniture brand VITEO, which I developed – starting off with a single outdoor table – into a global company that was successfully operating in the international, high-class furniture market. We invented a new way of outdoor living and attached an original look and higher value to the topic. Outdoor living became more innovative, glamorous and definitely more enjoyable. The bigger VITEO became, the less time I had for being creative and innovative, so when I sold the company, I decided to start all over again and return to my roots: creation, design and implementation – just with the benefit of advanced knowledge and experiences, and a global network of experts in production and sales.


Wolfgang Pichler Design stands for unique services that are based on myself, my life and my values. It is always about the big picture – a result of many ideas, details and formulations. Just if there is a harmonious final picture – both for the client and me – I consider the job done. For, it is the details that make the difference and hence perfection. Although I do not strive for perfection because I want to progress with every project. Life and also housing never comes to a halt but it is a way that constantly takes unexpected turns. Just like my biography.